Next training on Dec'21.    Dementia Awareness program 2022 will be held on January 2022.   Now 24/7 hotline is available for prompt response - 01712-825-662

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Prof. Dr. Quazi Deen Mohammad

Prof. Dr. Badrul Alam
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Dementia facts & figures

Dementia is a collective name for brain syndromes which affect memory, thinking, behavior and emotion. Dementia is the leading cause of disability and dependency among the elderly. Each person experiences dementia in their own way, but generally those affected eventually need help with all aspects of daily life.

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Symptoms of dementia

What are the early signs of dementia? Symptoms vary between Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia, but there are broad similarities between them. 

Every person is unique and dementia affects people differently – no two people will have symptoms that develop in exactly the same way.

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